How to Build an App: Ideation to Installation

Below are steps I and many others have taken in developing mobile/web apps. From Ideation to installation. The process I talk about is from the app Giggin I created, a music gaming app that allowed users to share music in the form of a quiz. Think Snapchat for music and gaming lovers. Giggin would gain… Continue reading How to Build an App: Ideation to Installation

How AI Will Shape Our World

While Artificial Intelligence will clearly have a bigger impact than most of us know, I would like to highlight a few areas that I find most interesting. We often hear how AI sounds more like science fiction, though it is very much already here. AI has already replaced  a number of jobs that were once… Continue reading How AI Will Shape Our World

My Favorite Kickstarter Projects

I recently wrote about crowdfunding and the exponential growth it has experienced and decided to share my favorite Kickstarter Projects, some of which I have backed myself. For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding platform allowing project creators post their project campaign, along with a video, pledges to raise a specific amount of money,… Continue reading My Favorite Kickstarter Projects